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Tuckahoe Root Canal

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Tuckahoe Root Canal
Tuckahoe Root Canal

When your tooth is infected, typically you will need our Tuckahoe root canal, which will relieve the pain and save your tooth from having to be removed. When you consider that a lost tooth leaves you prone to your other teeth shifting, leaves you with a cosmetic deficit in your smile, and in the case of back teeth can make chewing more difficult and your digestion less efficient, coming in to see our dentist to have your tooth treated is clearly the most beneficial option.

Don’t worry about feeling pain during our Tuckahoe root canal. Thanks to modern techniques and equipment, the process has never been smoother and more comfortable. You should expect to feel little or even no pain at all during the procedure. Dr. Blau will ensure that you are sufficiently numbed with local anesthetic before starting. The tooth will then be drilled from the top so that access can be gained to the bottom of the tooth, where the infection is. The injured pulp and the nerve will be removed, along with any debris. The canals are then cleaned and sealed in order to prevent any further infection from occurring. Different teeth have a different quantity of canals, with some having one and others having multiple. Therefore, some teeth can be completed in just one session, while others require more than one. If you have to come back for additional visits, you will be fitted with a temporary crown that will keep the tooth protected from contamination or damage in the meantime. When our Tuckahoe root canal is finished, you will be measured for and fitted with a permanent crown. Your tooth will be restored to its original size and will be just as strong and durable as any of your other teeth.

Don’t suffer needlessly with a tooth infection. Call our office and let us get you as soon as possible and soon your pain will be alleviated.

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