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At Contemporary Dental Implant Centre, we perform a variety of teeth cleaning procedures as well as periodontal cleanings for patients. Dental cleanings are slightly different from periodontal cleanings, but both can be done in one day at our offices. Dental cleanings are done in order to clean the mouth of bacteria and prevent plaque and tartar from building up. During a periodontal cleaning, our Tuckahoe dentist office uses special instruments to get deep under the gums. Those looking for same day teeth Sheepshead Bay can come in and have either procedure done in just one visit.

During cleanings our instruments allow us to get in places where regular brushes cannot. A periodontal cleaning is done when there is severe gum loss or gum disease. A periodontal cleaning gets under the flaps of the gums and down into the pockets of the teeth, where bacteria hides. The purpose of this kind of cleaning is to try to save the teeth from gum disease. Periodontal cleanings are there to help relieve the swelling and inflammation that gum disease causes and allows the mouth to heal and feel better. Over time, with good hygiene and regular same day teeth Sheepshead Bay cleanings, the gum disease can be reversed. A teeth cleaning should be done at least once a year.

A periodontal cleaning is done as needed, or to control gum disease over a period of time. Each cleaning is done to completely rid all pockets of bacteria. Other same day teeth Sheepshead Bay dental procedures include cavity fillings, root canals, teeth whitening and fittings for crowns or caps. Veneers can also be started in one day, and finished on another day. Most root canals take one day to clean the tooth and one more to place the crown. For more information on same day dental procedures feel free to call us Tuckahoe dentist office anytime.

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