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Teeth Whitening in Eastchester NY

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Teeth whitening in Eastchester NY

Teeth whitening in Eastchester NY
Teeth whitening in Eastchester NY

You don’t have to live with dull, stained, or discolored teeth because at the office of Stacey P. Blau, DDS, we offer our teeth whitening in Eastchester NY. Have it done effectively, safely, and quickly. If you are in the market for a brighter smile, then you’ve come to the right place. You have it done here, or enjoy the convenience of our take-home method.

ZOOM is the system that we use when you have your teeth whitened at our office. It boasts the benefits of lightening your teeth by up to 8 shades in only one 45 minute session. This is not just a claim, but has been proven clinically. Furthermore, ZOOM has given over 10 million people just like you a more brilliant smile. There is every reason to feel confident about the results that you’re going to get. A gel made of hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth, after which the special light that sets this method apart from others works to destroy the stains that have left you with a dissatisfying smile. Our take-home version works more gradually. We make special trays that are custom-fit to you. The whitening agent in them breaks down stains passively. You just wear your trays for a couple of hours per night for a few days to a couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter which way you prefer. Our teeth whitening in Eastchester NY is bound to give you the outcome you desire. You can expect to keep your teeth looking white and bright for a year or possibly even longer than that, depending on how you maintain them. You can, of course, get another treatment when this one wears off.

There’s no reason to live even one day longer with a smile you’re not happy with. The time is now to contact us and arrange an appointment. For our teeth whitening in Eastchester NY.

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