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Root Canal Therapy in Tuckahoe

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Root Canal Therapy in Tuckahoe
Root Canal Therapy in Tuckahoe

Is it scary to need root canal therapy? Well, we understand that it can be. After all, the procedure has developed the reputation as being painful. But let us assure you that with today’s modern methods and equipment, our root canal therapy in Tuckahoe is a way for us to relieve you of the pain you’re already feeling and not a cause of additional pain at all. Of course, it is always the goal of our dental office to avoid the need for root canal therapy at all, but when it’s absolutely necessary, you can feel confident that Stacey P. Blau, DDS will ensure that you’re comfortable. Most patients report little or even no pain at all throughout the process and with an overall success rate of 90%, root canal therapy is the best, and typically only, way to save your natural tooth once it has reached that point.

The reasons for a tooth needing our root canal therapy in Tuckahoe can vary, but usually it’s because of an infection that was made possible by a severely decayed tooth, a deep filling, or a tooth that is chipped or cracked. This allows bacteria to get into the pulp chamber of the tooth. The most obvious sign that this has occurred is pain, often severe, when you try to chew with the tooth or apply any pressure to it. Other symptoms include sensitivity to hot or cold beverages, tender gums or tooth discoloration. Experiencing any of the above means you should call us and schedule an examination. Don’t let fear stop you. Trust us, treating the pain isn’t anything to worry about. It’s the pain itself that is the problem.

You’ll be numbed first with a local anesthetic before our root canal therapy in Tuckahoe begins. More than one session is generally required, but you will receive a temporary crown to protect the tooth between appointments. The work consists of drilling to gain access to the pulp area, removing the injured pulp and the root, and then cleaning out any remaining debris. When the treatment is completed, you will then have an impression taken for the crafting of a permanent crown. The best news, aside from no longer experiencing pain, is that you will retain your original tooth and with proper care, it should be as strong as any other tooth in your mouth.

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