Pediatric dentist in Tuckahoe

Pediatric Dentist in Tuckahoe

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Pediatric dental hygiene in Tuckahoe

Not only is dental care for young children important to teach them good oral hygiene habits but it is vital because there are many issues that can either be controlled or neglected that may impact the way a child’s teeth, jaw and whole facial and speech develop. When it comes to the needs of very young children, the approach of our pediatric dentist in Tuckahoe towards a very young developing mouth is very different than that of a general dentist towards an adult mouth. Dr. Stacey P. Blau, DDS knows that first impressions matter so our whole staff makes sure that the young patients have a comfortable, fun experience that will make them look forward to coming to the dentist and getting actively involved in caring for their own teeth.

Our pediatric dentist in Tuckahoe specializes in diagnosing early tooth decay and any problems with decay or bite caused by bottles or pacifiers, the way in which the teeth, jaw and gums are developing as well as teething issues, such as early or late eruptions, acute discomfort, or a tooth erupting behind another tooth. Our practice also responds to dental emergencies such as loose teeth, injuries to the mouth and broken teeth or discolored teeth. We also look at facial structure and possible orthopedic issues that can be handled best at an early age including a palate that is too narrow or small, crowded teeth or an underbite. Speech issues are a big concern with young children and these can often be associated with the development of teeth and the tongue in relationship to the mouth.

Our pediatric dentist in Tuckahoe seeks to actively prevent tooth decay. Our program consists of regular checkups of the child’s teeth as well as regular dental cleanings. Our staff continually reinforces the use of good dental care techniques and building up good care habits in our young patients. We also recommend the use of dental sealants for young teeth. Our doctor will place a sealant on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth of the child. These sealants help prevent bacteria from getting inside the ridges and inside the surface of these teeth, which are hard for young people to adequately brush. Bring your children to our office and start them on a lifetime of good oral health.

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