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Pediatric Dentist in Eastchester

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Pediatric dental hygiene in Eastchester

Pediatric dentist in Eastchester
Pediatric dentist in Eastchester

In many kids, plaque and tartar can build up and cause dental problems. Plaque can be scraped away each day with brushing and flossing, and that’s why our pediatric dentist in Eastchester takes the time to teach your child how to properly brush and floss at the offices of Dr. Stacey P. Blau. A variety of problems can arise from plaque and tartar buildup, such as tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. Plaque, a hard buildup that forms a film over teeth, causes a film that can damage teeth and eventually cause tooth decay.

Tooth decay ends up causing cavities and gum disease. Patients should have a dental cleaning each year with our pediatric dentist in Eastchester because we can get deep into the pockets between the teeth and gums to rid them of excess food, debris and bacteria. Regular brushing and flossing alone cannot get into the crevices where food and bacteria hide. Cavities can lead to tooth loss and loss of bone and structure. Because missing teeth can warp the jawline and gums, it’s important to ensure that teeth stay intact in order to avoid later complications and oral devices such as dentures and implants, which can be costly. Kids who have cavities can end up with missing teeth and expensive dental hygiene costs later on in life.

Sometimes the pockets can reach 4mm or more, which is very bad for the tooth. In this case, our pediatric dentist in Eastchester will recommend a proper periodontal scaling and root planing in order to clear the pockets of the bacteria inside that can cause bone loss and tooth decay. Along with annual cleanings, regular oral care, brushing and flossing can help keep teeth clean and healthy. It can also prevent cavities and other oral problems that can lead to loss of teeth.

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