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Early childhood cavities in Eastchester

Kids dentist in Eastchester
Kids dentist in Eastchester

The causes of pediatric dental decay and early childhood cavities are not very different than those for adults. What is undeniable, however, is that children have additional challenges and concerns that have to be considered by our kids dentist in Eastchester, Stacey P. Blau, DDS. However, with a solid strategy and some help for you, there is every reason to feel confident that your child can make cavities a rare occurrence.

Unlike adults, your child begins with one set of teeth (the baby or primary teeth) and then transitions to the permanent set. Those baby teeth are designed to fall out on a particular schedule. If one or more have to come out too soon, there can be complications, such as the other teeth shifting and not leaving enough room for the adult teeth to erupt. Also, most children love sugar. It’s not good for their teeth, though. In addition to some valuable tips that our kids dentist in Eastchester can provide for limiting the negative effects of sugar, your child should brush after meals and floss daily. It’s also a good idea to consider a quality dental rinse that contains fluoride. That combined with two visits to our office every year makes for a good plan. When you bring your child in, he or she will be given a full examination, including periodic x-rays to detect even the small cavities. The next best thing to preventing them is catching them early. The other advantage of coming in is a teeth cleaning, which is necessary for the elimination of plaque and tartar. It’s those bacterial substances, one film-like and the other a hardened crust, that put your child at risk for dental decay to begin with. Brushing and flossing help a lot, but they are only a piece of the whole puzzle in the fight against dental decay.

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