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Dental Fillings in Eastchester

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One of the most common dental procedures is dental fillings. Dental fillings are used to fill in the area left behind by cavities, which are one of the most common dental ailments. In order to keep an eye out for cavities and prevent them, regular dental visits are necessary. These visits can help limit the amount of plaque building up on your tooth enamel and along your gumline. These visits can also allow your dentist to monitor your dental health and more easily identify any new developments or issues, including catching cavities. If you are due for a dental exam or feel like you may need a dental filling, Stacey P. Blau, DDS is here in Eastchester to help.

Dental Fillings in Eastchester
Dental Fillings in Eastchester

Cavities should not go untreated. Cavities are the manifestations of tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by the plaque or harmful bacteria in your mouth, resting on your tooth enamel and along your gumline. This plaque buildup reacts with carbohydrates that you eat every day in the foods that you eat. This reaction is particularly acidic and is what causes the tooth enamel to begin decaying. Cavities, or holes in your teeth, are created as this decay spreads. If this is left untreated, this decay can spread to the roots of your teeth, your gums, and even your jawbone or adjacent teeth. In order to stop decay from spreading, the cavity itself needs to be cleaned and filled. If you believe you may have a cavity or are looking to prevent cavities, Stacey P. Blau, DDS, our Eastchester dentist can help. When it comes to cavity prevention, dental cleanings are recommended about every six months. If a cavity is found, Stacey P. Blau, DDS can promptly fill it. First, any inflamed tissue and decay will be removed. Then, the cavity will be filled with the filling material of your choice.

A dental filling will prevent plaque from building up in the area again while also stopping the spread of decay in order to preserve your tooth. If you are due for a dental cleaning, routine dental care or believe you may need a dental filling for a cavity here in Eastchester, then schedule an appointment with Stacey P. Blau, DDS today.

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